Guam DOE: 2014 Tiempon Somnak – Summer School Program, and Bus Schedule


Guam – The Guam Department of Education will be holding summer school for elementary, middle, and high schools. 


In the elementary and middle schools, the summer school program is used to supplement  instruction during the regular school year and can act as additional support to struggling students or  students who would like to spend additional time working on specific skills. In the high schools, the  program is used for credit recovery where students can earn credits that were missed during the school  year.

Last summer the program serviced 1,525 elementary school students, 609 middle school students, and 1,734 high school students and is federally funded through the Title V-A Consolidated Grant, U.S. Department of Education.  

SEE the Summer School Bus Schedule HERE

Important points:

* Summer school will run from June 16, 2014 through July 22, 2014 for elementary and middle  schools.

* High schools will run from June 16, 2014 through July 29, 2014.

* Please inquire at your home school for registration and orientation details. The list below indicates the combined elementary schools and the schools that will be hosting a summer school program.

* Bussing will be provided for students of participating elementary and middle schools

* Breakfast will be served to all participants.

* For general information about the summer school program, please contact Mr. Joshua Blas in the Curriculum & Instruction Office at 300-1635/1254.

* For information on a specific school’s program, please call the respective school’s main office.