Guam DOE Gets $1.3M to Pay Merit Bonuses


Guam – Guam DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez has announced that the Department of Administration has released $1.3 million dollars to pay merit bonus to DOE employees.

In an email Friday to DOE employees, Fernandez said the checks will be issued no later than the end of next week. Both active and former employees will be receiving the bonuses.

READ Superintendent Fernandez’s email to employees before:

To All GDOE Employees:

I was notified earlier today that Department of Administration has released $1.3 million for the purpose of paying merit bonuses owed to both active and former employees since October 1, 2009.  We will be processing personnel actions for the employees who are owed bonuses, and we expect to issue checks no later than the end of next week.  More information will be available next week.

Thank you again to staff in payroll and personnel for continuing to push forward with salary increments and merit bonuses.  Your hard work is appreciated.

Happy Liberation Day to all.  You are invited to join me and your colleagues at the Liberation Day parade this Sunday.  We will meet at the yellow school bus at Adelup on Sunday morning at 9 a.m.  Look for placard #47.