Guam DOE: Parent-Teacher Conferences April 8-11


Guam –  The Guam Department of Education (“GDOE”) will be having Parent-Teacher Conferences April 8-11. 

The conferences are an opportunity for parents and teachers to meet and discuss how to best meet the educational needs of the student. The following are some tips to help parents get the most out of the conference:

1. Before the Conference:
* Ask your child how she feels about school.
* Tell your child you are going to meet with their teacher(s).
* Write down questions you may want to ask your child’s teacher.
    – Is my son/daughter engaged during class?
    – What do you see as my son/daughter’s strengths? Areas to improve?
    – Has my son/daughter turned in all of their assignments on time?
   – How can I reinforce what is being taught at school?

2. During the Conference:
* Remember that you and your child’s teacher(s) are on the same team.
* Relax and stay calm (even if what you hear is difficult).
* Ask for further clarification for anything that you may not fully understand.

3. After the Conference:
* Review the conference with your child.
* Talk about both the good things and the concerns that were shared.
* Stay in touch with your child’s teacher(s) throughout the school year.

Additionally, Superintendent, Jon Fernandez has directed central office personnel to be on site to provide support and collect input from students, parents and teachers.

“I want to collect as much feedback as we can during the parent-teacher conferences,” said Fernandez. “This is an opportunity to hear from our stakeholders on what good things are happening, what needs to be improved and what recommendations people have.”

Employees from the Student Support Services will be on hand during the conferences to assist parents with registering for the Power School Parent Portal and Power Announcement. “Both the Parent Portal and Power Announcement are tools available for parents to stay informed on how their children are doing at school,” said Fernandez.

“The portal gives parents a look at the academic, behavioral and attendance performance of students and the Power Announcement piece provides parents with same day information on student absences as well as school related events they may need to be aware of.”

The following is the schedule of the GDOE Parent-Teacher Conferences: