Guam DOE Superintendent Fernandez Issues SOPs for “Out-of-District” Enrollment


Guam – Guam DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez has issued a release detailing the “Standard Operating Procedures” [SOP] that will govern how students will be selected for transfer to the new Tiyan High School, slated to open in August. 


The Standard Operating Procedures address “Out-of-District” requests for high school students for school year 2014-2015.  Requests will be accepted starting in July.

READ the release from Superintendent Fernandez below:


New SOP will help relieve transition to new Tiyan High School Earlier today, Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez provided guidance to high school principals regarding out-of-district enrollment for the upcoming school year. 

The guidance being provided is intended to ensure a smooth transition relative to the opening of the new Tiyan High School and also to address outstanding concerns raised by students and parents, regarding the availability of programs offered at the new high school. “We continue to work hard and make progress with regard to the opening of a new high school,” Fernandez said. 

“However, it is true that some of the finer details will not be worked out until after the end of the school year, so we want to provide our schools, within reason, the flexibility to address some of the concerns that are being raise, particularly by students.” 

The attached standard operating procedure (“SOP”) will apply to School Year 2014-2015 only and will do the following:

* Allow high schools to accept up to 100 out-of-district students in July so long as building capacity allows

* Prioritize students who either have participated (and anticipate continued enrollment) in an academic or career & technical education program that may not be offered at the new high school in SY 14-15 (e.g. STEM, GCC program, JROTC) or who have a parent working on site.

* Require out-of-district students to pass all classes, maintain high attendance rate, and avoid serious disciplinary infractions

* Require out-of-district parents/guardians to attend parent-teacher conferences, monthly PTO meetings, and certain school functions

* Provide for the withdrawal of an out-of-district student based on violation of student and parent requirements

* Require students and parents to re-apply for out-of-district status at the end of the school year

* Provide for the audit and review of this standard operating procedure during the coming school year.

Implementation of this SOP provides flexibility to the high schools to deal with concerns raised by their students, while setting a firm cap on out-of-district enrollment that will ensure sound planning and preparation for the opening of Tiyan High School.

“Students, especially juniors, raised the issue of being able to continue with programs that may not be offered at the new high school, and that’s a valid concern since we are still in the middle of this transition,” Fernandez said.

“If you are a student with that concern, you will be able to request, in July, for out-of-district consideration from your principal, who knows best which programs are supported at your school and who can best judge how to implement these guidelines at the school level.”

The SOP came after consultation with principals and was finalized today in order to provide guidance to the schools for the coming school year. “I believe this guidance will help get us through the transition,” said Fernandez.

“While it is difficult to make everyone happy, it is important to address valid concerns, and that’s what I am doing here. I will be sharing this SOP with the board, and together we will work on addressing any further concerns once the new school year unfolds.”