Guam DPW Office of Highway Safety Gets National Award


Guam – The Department of Public Works – Office of Highway Safety received the Peter K. O’Rourke Special Achievement Award which is given by the National Governors Highway Safety Association for outstanding improvement in the adjudication and treatment of DWI offenders.  

“This is an award that means Guam is setting the example in dealing with DWI offenders and helping to keep our streets safe,” Governor Calvo said. “We are leading the way throughout the nation in our highway safety efforts and in our progressive agenda to help offenders turn their lives around. I am so proud of the men and women of the Department of Public Works Office of Highway Safety, and I’m grateful to Judge Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson and the DWI Court of Guam for all their work.”

[L-R: Mary Gunnels, PhD, MS, Associate Administrator, Regional Operations & Program Delivery, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Cil Javier, Guam OHS, Troy  E. Costales, GHSA Chairman and Administrator, Transportation Safety Division, Oregon, Joanne Brown, Director, DPW and Governor’s Highway Safety Representative, Dr. David J. Manning, Regional Administrator, Region 9, NHTSA, Therese Matanane, Guam OHS, Carlyn DLG-Hofschneider, CNMI OHS, and Ambrosio Ogumoro, CNMI Department of Public Safety]

The Peter K. O’Rourke Special Achievement Awards recognizes notable achievements in the field of highway safety.  This award was presented today to DPW Director Joanne Brown at the annual GHSA conference held in Baltimore, Maryland.

Guam’s DWI Court Enhancement program was selected and honored among the fifty U.S. states and territories.  This is the first time that Guam has been recognized for such a prestigious national highway safety award.  DPW OHS provided federal funding for a dedicated Prosecutor to handle DUI/DWI cases in the newly formed DUI court and a dedicated Interpreter to assist with court proceedings, probation and treatment of DUI/DWI offenders.

According to DPW Director Joanne Brown who serves as Governor Eddie B. Calvo’s Governor Highway Safety Representative in accepting the award stated, “We are very pleased with the success of our partnership with Judge Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson and the DWI Court of Guam and we are very proud of the national recognition we received today from the National Governor’s Highway Safety Association.”

“It is really no surprise at all that our DPW won this award,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said. “The men and women of DPW, led by Joanne and Carl, are committed to excellence. They personify the very best qualities in public service.”