Guam Education Board elects new leadership

Mark Mendiola is the new chairman of the Guam Education Board. (PNC file photo)

The Guam Education Board voted for this term’s Chair and Vice-Chair at its regular meeting held on January 19, 2021. Guam law requires the board to select its officers at its first January meeting each year. The meeting was conducted via Zoom and livestreamed on the GDOE Facebook page.

In a unanimous vote, the board voted to elect Mark Mendiola to serve as Chairman and Dr. Mary Okada to serve as Vice Chairwoman for the next year. For the past year, Maria Gutierrez has served as Chairwoman with Mark Mendiola serving as Vice Chairman. Mendiola previously served two terms as Chairman beginning in 2018.

“I want to thank Chairwoman Gutierrez for her leadership this past year, especially through this pandemic,” Mendiola said. “I am honored to be given the opportunity to help guide what I hope will be the department’s full recovery this year. As a parent of four public school children and the spouse of a high school teacher, I am ready to work hard to keep our schools safe and ensure that we continue to meet the challenge to provide our kids with a quality education.”

Dr. Okada was recently elected to the board in November and is serving her first term.
“As a new member of the board, I am grateful for the confidence of my fellow board members,” Okada said. “I am looking forward to helping the superintendent and his team to meet the high goals they have set for the department and for our students. Despite the challenges we face with COVID-19, we must continue to stay committed to our mission of graduating our students and preparing them for the opportunities that will come their way in the future.”

Both will serve in their leadership positions on the Guam Education Board over the next year.