Guam Election Commission Prepares For Long Night Of Counting Ballots


Guam-All the counting tonight will take place up at the UOG Fieldhouse where PNC will be filing reports throughout the night. We take a look now at the preparations the Guam Election Commission is making.

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It was a busy day for the Guam Election Commission and it’s going to be a busier night as they prepare to count all the ballots cast for this year’s primary election at the University of Guam Fieldhouse. Executive Director John Blas went to various polling sites all day long. He says his team was trouble shooting some issues this morning with supplies and voter instructions at some of the precincts, but that’s all been cleared up.

Blas mentions he doesn’t want voters to be confused and is making sure precinct officials are telling them to vote for one party and to not cross over. Already, early in-office voting at the GEC office drew 2,900 people to exercise their right to vote. Blas also says voter registration exceeds previous years with over 50 thousand people registered so far.