Guam Election Commission Wants People to Sign up For Plebiscite During Liberation


Tomorrow, while everyone celebrates liberation day, GEC will be open and waiting for people to walk in to the building and sign up for the Guam de-colonization registry.

Guam – For Guamanians, the liberation day parade is about celebrating the liberation of the island during world war 2, but as we celebrate liberation, the Guam election commission is urging Guamanians to take this opportunity to sign up for the Guam decolonization registry.

 GEC program coordinator Joe Iseke tells PNC that GEC will also send people out to the parade to try and build the registry. He says the liberation day parade is a good time for people to register because of the large number of people who usually attend the parade. As of June, the registry has 8,971 participants. Iseke hopes to get people to walk into GEC and sign up.


 “Tomorrow we will have staff here at our office and probably walking around the parade route to register people, who are interested in registering for the decolonization registry. We’ll be here from eight to about three o’clock in the afternoon. Wed like to invite the public down to, if there at the parade, walking around they can come upstairs to the second floor of the GCIC building and register here,“ said Iseke


 Iseke says all residents’ need is a photo id to sign up. You can read a copy of the updated Guam decolonization  at