Guam entrepreneur featured in Amazon bestseller

Beaudy Camacho, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, proves that big dreams can be accomplished from a small island. (Contributed photo)

This inspirational Guam entrepreneur is sharing her story in the hopes of helping others.

Beaudy Camacho, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, proves that big dreams can be accomplished from a small island.

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At 28, Camacho is the founder of Fundforte and Beaudy Co. Labs, a team leader and business mentor for the Female Entrepreneur Association International, and a local ASIST trainer with the Guam PEACE office. In addition to Camacho’s list of credentials, she now bravely steps into the light of storytelling as she courageously shares her experience of healing from trauma.

Beaudy is one of 16 authors who collaborated on the international best-seller, “When We Heal,” that shot to number 1 on the Amazon book charts, created by psychology expert Natasha Bray.

In an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Pauly Suba, Camacho expressed how it felt to receive positive feedback since the book’s release.

“The book is in itself has 16 authors like you mentioned— I’m the only one from the island of Guam—and pretty much the only one from such a small island— it was life-changing when we received the best-selling title and the international best-selling title,” Camacho said.

Beaudy, who proudly represented Micronesia, was the only island woman amongst 16 participants worldwide who participated in Natasha Bray’s “Storymind program,” the genesis of “When We Heal.” Camacho said that it was through these processes that initiated a sense of healing.

The book, which Beaudy described as a “rollercoaster read of emotions,” is a collective of 16 women’s experiences of overcoming trauma, honest accounts of childhood abuse, domestic violence, early widowhood, and near-death experiences.

“It’s not just for women—many of the men who read the book have benefitted as well. It highlighted a lot of the parental issues that people have had in the past. In the beginning of the book, we warn that there are sensitive subjects that are covered because it’s real life, and we did include many behavioral health resources in the book before they start reading, so it’s perfect for anybody,” Beaudy said.

Though Beaudy does recommend parental advisory for younger people interested in the book, she reiterated that this book intends to inspire and help everyone. Additionally, all proceeds from the book’s launch will be donated to the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, a charity close to her heart.

Signed copies of When We Heal are available for purchase on