Guam EPA Encourages Entities to Comply With Air Pollution Permitting Requirements


Guam – (December 23) – The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) today began an educational campaign to bring entities into compliance with Guam’s Air Pollution Control Regulations. 

In April the Guam EPA Board of Directors rescinded the Annual Air Emission Amnesty Program. All entities with generators are now required to meet the requirements outlined in the regulations, including submitting permits and documents on time and paying any required fees.

Guam EPA will conduct a public education campaign in the first months of 2014 regarding these regulations.

“The Air Amnesty Program gave entities time to come into compliance with the law without being fined. Now that the Amnesty has been lifted, we are working to educate all entities with generators to make sure they are in compliance,” said Guam EPA Administrator Eric M. Palacios. “Regulations like these help protect natural resources and the public interest.”

A copy of the Air Pollution Control Standards and Regulations can be found in 22 Guam Administrative Rules and Regulations (GARR) Division 1, Chapter 1. This Chapter is also available at

Staff will be conducting an educational campaign during the next six months to help entities learn about the regulation and come into compliance.

For more information about air pollution control regulations contact Guam EPA’s acting Air Pollution Program at 300-4751/52/53.

For an interview about air pollution regulations contact Guam EPA’s Administrator at