Guam EPA Gets Positive Review From U.S. EPA


Guam – The Guam Environmental Protection Agency had their end of the fiscal year bi-annual program review by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


GEPA spokesman Gerry Cruz says U.S. EPA Region 9 Program Manager Michael Wolfram was positive on GEPA’s progress from last year, most particularly with the agency’s finances.

Cruz says, “Each program met with Wolfram and they went over all their objectives and bench marks all of the mandates that they had to meet for the year. And for the most part we have been hitting our bench marks. And usually the common thread is always funding, because we are 100% federally funded. I think with next year hopefully we can get more grants.”

Cruz says Since last years first review, GEPA addressed their shortfalls and part of that had to do with the agency reducing some of its staff . He also adds that the US EPA will help Guam look for additional money through federal grants, funds needed for the military buildup. According to Cruz, GEPA is working on a fee structure and schedule for permits and build applications.

This will create revenue to help the agency monitor, regulate and enforce the environmental law.