VIDEO: Guam EPA Holds Special Meeting For Trashco Appeal


Guam- The Guam Environmental Protection Agency Board of Directors is conducting a special meeting this evening [Thursday] over an appeal filed by Trashco.

According to Guam EPA Spokesperson Tammy Jo Anderson Taft, Trashco filed an appeal over a Notice of Violation (NOV) that was issued in September 2012 by the agency. The NOV was was issued because the company removed trash bins and dumped trash on the ground at Department of Public Health facilities in Mangilao and Dededo.

The incident happened in June 2012 and has already been cleaned up. However, Trashco wants to appeal the NOV and will now go through the Guam EPA board process. Taft notes Trashco is expected to present its case to the board, but she’s not sure how long it will take for a decision to be reached.

“Trashco will be presenting their case and Guam EPA will presenting our case” said Taft. “So, I’m not exactly sure what will happen at the meeting today. Usually there are a few scheduling things that need to occur for the appeal to move forward. But we’ll post when the next meeting will be regarding Trashco on our website.”

VIEW the GEPA Board meeting in its entirety HERE

The board also did not make a decision on the Cyfred appeal case yet. A draft decision was brought to board members at their last meeting by their hearing officer. However, no decision was adopted because they did not have a quorum. Taft notes a hearing on that case has been scheduled for February 21 at 5p.m. in the Guam EPA main conference room.