Guam EPA Raises Concerns About DoD’s shift of Responsibility to GovGuam


Guam – Senator Rory Respicio’s committee on natural resources held a FEIS briefing with the Guam EPA and the Department of Agriculture.

During the briefing both agencies spoke about FEIS deficiencies and concerns. Guam EPA’s major concerns stem from having insufficient data on the impacts of increased wastewater discharge into the marine environment, the impacts to Guam’s drinking water, the impacts from increased air pollutants, the impacts to solid waste disposal, and the impacts from the dredging of Apra harbor.

Another major concern of theirs is what they say is a shift in responsibility from DOD to GovGuam. Jesse Cruz of Guam EPA explains that DOD is now considering themselves merely a customer of GovGuam utility agencies and therefore not responsible for obtaining any permits required for utility upgrades. “Right now the way it’s presented the burden is shifted to the local utility agencies to handle and to actually quantify the impact that their buildup is having.”

Guam EOA Chief Engineer Ivan Quinata also spoke today telling lawmakers that DOD and the CCU have signed MOU’s without the signature of Guam EPA.