Guam EPA to Withdraw and Re-Issue Fine Against Taitano Over His Coral Pit Dump


Guam – On the advice of their attorney,  the Guam EPA has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday March 8th to consider a motion to take-back a $2.3 million dollar fine against Joseph Taitano,  and re-issue it,  with proper notifications to all.


In January Guam EPA issued an administrative order against Taitano over what the agency says is an illegal dump in a Yigo coral pit owned by Taitano. Taitano has denied operating an illegal dump. The site infamously caught fire last year, forcing the evacuation of 6 neighboring homes.

The decision to re-issue its January Administrative Order against Taitano follows a hearing yesterday [Thursday] before Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Barrett-Andersen who gave the agency 30 days to correct its original order.

Taitano’s Attorney, Curtis Van de Veld sought the hearing arguing that his client was not properly notified.

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Guam EPA Spokeswoman Tammy Jo Anderson told PNC News that Taitano had received an official notice back in 2009, and the agency believes its case and the evidence against Taitano is solid. But will re-issue the order to make en-sure that everything is done by the book.