Guam EPA Warns Residents to Beware of “Pacific Man’o’War”


Guam – The Guam EPA has issued an alert to resident to beware of  the “Pacific Man’o’War” jellyfish that have been washing up on beaches in Pago Bay, Inarajan, Asan, Piti and Agana.

A tweet from Guam EPA warns that they “pack a painful sting”, even after they have washed up dead on the shore.

Man of War look like floating blue bubbles, and they have blue tentacles. The tentacles can reach six feet or longer.  Those tentacles are dangerous when floating in the water and even after the jellyfish wash up on shore.

Anyone stung by a Man of War should rinse the area with large amounts of water, not vinegar, and try to remove as many tentacles as possible using a stick, credit card or other flat object.

If the sting is severe, or the victim has an allergic type reaction, residents are encouraged to seem medical attention immediately.

[photo courtesy Guam EPA]