Guam EPA Will Release Funds for Abandoned Vehicle Program Soon


Guam- The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA) says the funding to get the abandoned vehicles program started up again will soon get transferred.

Earlier in the week, Vice Mayor Robert Hoffman told PNC the program was brought to a halt because the funding was in transition from the old fiscal year. On Thursday, Deputy Administrator Brad Dunagan said Guam EPA already met with the Mayors’ Council, Senator Tina Muna Barnes and the General Services Agency (GSA) on the matter. He adds they are expecting the transfer once a few logistical concerns are worked out.

“We’re currently looking at the transition of last fiscal year and the new fiscal year…making sure there’s a seamless transition, as well as accountability on the funds we are utilizing to fortify and continue energizing this program as it moves forward” said Dunagan. “So, we should see a transfer coming very soon.”

GEPA Administrator Elizabeth Cruz also comments on the warning her agency issued to Mayor Nito Blas for collecting white goods and metal waste behind his office as a service for his village. She says that he means well, but the situation got out of control. Cruz also says as long as effort is shown to get rid of the waste, GEPA will work with him on not issuing fines.

“As long as he’s making steps, I usually don’t try to go immediately for fines” said Cruz. “My purpose is more for education and prevention…and as I said, all the mayors have the good hearts in them. They have the good intentions. It’s just that it gets out of hand, it gets out of control and then it becomes a dump site and then Guam EPA has to step in.”

Cruz adds Guam EPA is working with the mayors to ensure the Abandoned Vehicles Program is a success.