Guam EPA’s Lab Gets Full Recertification From U.S. EPA


Guam –  The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) recently received confirmation that the Agency’s drinking water laboratory received full recertification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA).

The laboratory has been certified for total coliform and E. coli for another three years. The certification was received after an onsite inspection and evaluation by a U.S. EPA certification officer in July. The inspection included a review of the staff credentials, laboratory practices, equipment, organization and calibration of equipment.

“Guam EPA’s lab is responsible for analyzing water samples for various types of bacteria every week,” said Guam EPA Administrator Eric M. Palacios. “The lab has two highly-qualified chemists who work diligently to ensure our equipment is maintained and all appropriate procedures are followed. They also work hard to ensure they are using the most up to date and approved laboratory methods.”

“I want to congratulate the Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Services (EMAS) Division — Jesse Cruz, Annie Leon Guerrero, Rudy Paulino, Edelisa Yanit, Bob Salas and Danzel Narcis on securing the certification — and especially for the work that they do each day in the interest of our community,” added Palacios. 

[ Guam EPA’s Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Services (EMAS) Division Administrator Jesse Cruz, left, presents the laboratory certification to Guam EPA’s chemists Edelisa Yanit and Rudy Paulino.]