Guam Family Supports Efforts to Help Indigenous Village


Guam – In 2009, the Rotary Club of Pasay West began a sustainable livelihood project for the poverty stricken village of Sitio Calapi, located in the mountains in Pampanga, near Clark. The people of this village are indigenous people called “Aetas,” that have been in the Philippines for generations.


There are roughly 160 people,  64 families with roughly 90 children. Infant mortality rate is very high because of a lack of access to medical care and medications.

To reach the village, it is a one hour and a half drive from Manila to Clark by car. It is an additional 45 minutes from Clark to the village, but because of the rough terrain and crossing of a river with no bridge, a change of transportation to a heavy duty 4 x 4 must be used.

The primary purpose of the “Sustainable Life Project,” is to better the villagers quality of life, since they do not have the resources to buy food, clothing, shelter, school books, recreational facilities and no source of clean water. There is no access to electricity or any power supply. They also do not have any mode of transportation, children often tasked to climb down the mountain for clean water.

[Compliments of Rotary Club of Pasay West: Mr. Peter Sgro with Children of Sitio Calapi on basketball court]

The Guam family of Peter and Kathy Sgro have been benefactors of the “Sustainable Life Project” for the past two years, working hand in hand with the Rotary Club of Pasay West. The Sgro family has provided the funding for the purchase of food, slippers, farm tools for each family, solar flash lights, elementary school books, school supplies and school bags. The Sgro’s also provided seeds of various vegetables and fruits not grown before, with the Rotary Club providing seminars on basic farming.

[Compliments of Rotary Club of Pasay West: Mr. Peter Sgro with Children of Sitio Calapi on basketball court] 

Recently, the Sgro family of Guam provided funding specifically for the building of a basketball court for the village. The court is used for recreation, physical education and place of gathering for villagers. The first graduation of 6 children from the elementary school took place on the basketball court with villagers surrounding in support. After a modest ribbon cutting for the opening of the basketball court, the Sgro family of Guam brought bags of food for each of the 64 families and basketballs for the children. Because of extremely poor health conditions of adults and children in the village, the Sgro family has already arranged for a medical mission of doctors and nurses to spend time at the village.

If you would like more information, call me at my office or mobile number above. Mr. Sgro can be reached on his Guam mobile phone 1-(671)688-7476.