Guam Federal School Dollars Could Top $20.5M by FY ’18


Guam public schools may receive even more than expected—or hoped for–from Washington, under an historic education bill, enacted in December.

Guam – The Congressional Research Service now estimates that by fiscal 2018 Guam public schools could receive more than $20.5 million from Washington, care of the “Every Student Succeeds Act” that President Obama signed into law in December.
The funds would represent a $3.9 million hike from current law, or a whopping 24 percent increase.
Fiscal year 2017, starting this October 1, would see a nearly identical increase from current funding, providing Guam public schools with nearly $20 million in federal dollars next school year.
Without the increased funding, based on a formula change in “Every Student Succeeds,” Guam would receive no more than $16.1 million in FY ’17 and just over $16.6 million in FY ’18.
The new estimates hinge on total federal appropriations each year of over $15 billion.
The territories share four-tenths of one percent of the total, minus $1 million for Palau.
The US islands receive shares based on the proportion of children, ages 5 to 17, living as families with incomes below the poverty level.
But the Congressional Research Service says the new formula doesn’t penalize the territories for lower grant expenditures in prior years—in effect, a ‘hold harmless’ provision.
Still, CRS cautions the new calculations are estimates and could change, depending on annual appropriation levels.
But the good news is that those funding levels tend to rise, increasing the likelihood CRS suggests that Guam and the other US islands will also see welcome increases in federal education dollars for the foreseeable future.
And that means more money for teachers, books, supplies and facilities—in sum, better education.