Guam film industry outlook


Guam – The Guam International Film Festival set out to promote and showcase local talent and has accomplished that and so much more. Don Muña, Co-founder/Executive Director was the guest speaker at the Tumon Bay Rotary Club meeting this afternoon.

It began with a vision and has developed into a movement. The production and launch of Guam’s first and exclusively local film set in motion what would become an annual showcase of films that inspire the community, educate and entertain.

Muña spoke briefly on the Guam Film Office, which operates through the Guam Economic Development Authority.

The office hopes to establish Guam as a film industry tour and travel destination for off island production companies, with the goal of creating jobs within the industry of multimedia and the performing arts.

“The purpose of showcasing and creating these films are to cultivate a unified community mindset and instill a renewed sense of cultural and civic pride. And, I feel that that’s what our film did in the beginning, was it created that new perspective, it gave our community that new perspective, they never knew that they could create something that would have value internationally and create it from home, from Guam,” said Muña.

Muña says Guam already has a film industry, but that it is not yet organized or regulated.