Guam Fire Department and Good Samaritans commended for heroic rescue


Civilians and GFD personnel were recognized this morning by the Lt. Governor for act of bravery.  

Guam – We all saw the dramatic rescue of six paddlers last week that was shared all over social media and now the people behind the daring rescue are being recognized for their heroic efforts.

The Guam Fire Department and Good Samaritans were all commended for their service and assisted rescue of the distressed paddlers last week. Six paddlers aboard a canoe required immediate assistance when they capsized after encountering dangerous surf.

The dramatic footage was caught on camera showing the six paddlers on a canoe out in waters near the Hagatna Boat Basin. The rescuers and members of the Guam Fire Department were recognized in the Lieutenant Governor’s Chambers this morning. 

“Everyone one of us know who a hero is and what we look like and today we got three examples of civilians and uniformed heroes here today. Every one of you at GFD if you got a career for as long as we have understand –those are the moments when you really define your character. And the character that we see today, both the civilians and the firemen, are the ones we look up to we look as role models -as examples, men and women across all public safety areas,” praised Lieutenant Governor, Ray Tenorio.  


Vince Flores, Brandon Leon Guerrero, and Ken Concepcion were the three civilians commended for their act of heroism.