Guam Football Association donates face masks, hand sanitizers to GMH


The Guam Football Association is stepping up to support local medical professionals mitigate effects of the COVID-19 virus in Guam.

The GFA Executive Committee has donated boxes of N95 masks and hand sanitizers to Guam Memorial Hospital.

“With the recent rise in patients testing positive for coronavirus and limited hospital supplies, the GFA Executive Committee has decided to donate all of its N95 face masks and 40 bottles of hand sanitizer to Guam Memorial Hospital,” said Tino San Gil, GFA President.

“As our doctors fight this virus, we want to help as much as we can where we can. When the shortage of equipment was discussed, this was where we could directly help; we can always replenish our supplies later, but not lost lives.”

The boxes of N95 face masks and bottles of hand sanitizer originally were slated for use by Guam’s national teams scheduled to compete abroad in various international tournaments, said San Gil.

However, with all football competitions within Asia halted for the months of March and April, the GFA Executive Committee decided to donate the supplies in storage to GMH.

The GFA’s News Release also says:

With the new government mandate extending the public health emergency another two weeks, the current suspension of the Budweiser Soccer League, Bud Light Women’s Soccer League, Aloha Maid Minetgot Cup Elite Youth League, and the Triple J Auto Group Robbie Webber Youth Soccer League will follow suit.

Additionally, opening weekend of the Docomo Pacific Soccer Moms League and the GFA Women’s Recreational League also will be postponed. Updates on new dates will be made in the coming weeks on GFA’s Official Web site: and also via GFA’s official social media platforms.