Guam for Bernie Sanders campaign group started


Local volunteers for the group “Guam for Bernie Sanders” gathered Monday night on the second floor of the Harmon McDonald’s restaurant, where they met to strategize and divvy up tasks in their efforts to persuade Guam’s May 2 caucus voters to select the senator from Vermont as their top choice to serve as the Democratic party’s nominee for president in the 2020 general election.

The group’s second meeting started off with introductions by new and more seasoned
campaign volunteers for Sen. Sanders. Some related personal stories about how they
came to know about Bernie Sanders, while others talked about how their own
experiences made his message hit home for them.

Sanders’ most popular plans include implementing Medicare for All for residents of all states and territories, addressing global climate change, making public colleges and universities tuition-free, and raising the minimum wage.

The Guam for Bernie Sanders campaign volunteers further developed plans drawn up at their first meeting and strategized on ways to get the word out to Guam’s registered
Democratic voters about Bernie Sanders’ candidacy.

“In the last couple of weeks, we’ve heard how Bernie’s vision has inspired people and
volunteers in Guam to mobilize and believe in a society that’s works for ALL of us,” said
Rikki Orsini, who was elected as a pledged delegate for Bernie in the 2016 Democratic
Guam Caucus. “Bernie’s platform addresses critical issues important to the people of
Guam, such as ensuring that public schools in Guam receive equitable federal funding
and eliminating burdensome medical debt that plagues many in our community.”

Sanders’ 2016 campaign adopted a platform addressing many Guam-specific issues,
including support for self-determination and voting representation in Congress for Guam and other U.S. territories. While Guam residents cannot vote for the US President in general elections, they can help choose the eventual party nominees by voting in Guam’s caucuses if they’re locally registered and legally permitted to vote.

The locally-managed Facebook page Guam for Bernie has over 3,400 followers.
The local organization has already recruited dozens of individuals eager and excited to
campaign for Bernie Sanders, the current front-runner for the Democratic party’s 2020
nomination. So far, volunteers have identified 12 individuals representing Guam’s diverse population who are interested to run as pledged delegates to represent Guam in the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee this July. (press release)