Guam Freedom Coalition holds ‘March Against Mandates’ protest


The Guam Freedom Coalition will be holding their 12th peaceful demonstration against governmental overreach with the “March Against Mandates” protest march today, October 30, 2021, starting 4:30 pm at the Archbishop Felixberto Flores Memorial Circle.

The march will proceed south along Chalan San Antonio, to conclude at the ITC intersection with a standing protest, followed by a picnic with entertainment. Food trucks are welcome.

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The Guam Freedom Coalition advocates for the personal freedoms, civil liberties, and Hafa Adai spirit of all people and communities on Guam. The group aims to promote accountability and transparency of the government while supporting the inalienable rights of the people to act, move, and live freely on Guam as afforded to us and protected by the US Constitution.

The group was founded to unite everyone who has been affected by the current administration’s overreach of authority during this extended emergency and the subsequent Executive Orders and mandates that were designed to segregate and discriminate.

Guam Freedom Coalition is a diverse group of citizens who care about our island and communities and it is determined to bring Guam families together!

Any and all who support our cause are invited to attend. Proper distancing is required due to current COVID policy.

(Guam Freedom Coalition Release)