Guam Gets $270,996 in USDA Funds to Help Fight the Coconut Rhino Beetle


Guam – Guam has been awarded $270,996 in federal funds to help in the fight against the coconut Rhinoceros Beetle.

The 2014 Farm bill allocates $180-thousand dollars to Guam for the “Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Management Program”. Another $90,996 has been ear-marked for the “Production of Metarizhium magus for bio-control of the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle.”

READ the USDA Farm Spending plan HERE [see page 11 for Guam grants]

The total USDA grant for Guam is $435,996, with the remaining funds devoted to supporting Guam custom’s canine teams to inspect incoming passengers and cargo. That grant is for $150-thousand. The final $15-thousand will be used to conduct a “Tomato Commodity Survey”.