Guam Girl Scouts Kick-off Their Annual Cookie Pre-Sale


The Guam Girl Scouts organized a skit outlining the goals they hope to achieve through the cookie sales. 

Guam – It’s that time of the year again! You can now pre-order girl scout cookies. 



This morning the Guam Girl Scouts Officially kick-off their cookie pre-order sale. At a special ceremony, the Guam Girl Scout Troops organized a skit this morning showcasing the skills they hope to learn for this year’s cookie sale, like: business ethics, decision making, goal setting, people skills, and money management.


“I like that we all came together to share our goals,” one Girl Scout recites during the skit. “Our buyers will be happy to know that we do good things to the money we earn. Selling cookies has made me realize how good it feels to work really hard to reach a goal.” 


You can support your local Guam Girl Scouts and pre-order your cookies by calling the Guam Girl Scouts Service Center at 646-5652. 


They will be taking pre-orders until December 1st. Funds will go towards their supplies, projects and other activities.