Guam Girl Scouts, UOG, Johns Hopkins Complete Health Partnership


Guam – Guam Girl Scout Michaela Tun presents University of Guam President Dr. Robert Underwood with a bamboo spoon thanking him for the university’s participation in the Guam Girl Scouts NutriBee program. NutriBee, the first public health intervention of its kind, is a 20-hour interactive curriculum created to help girls learn about making smart food choices, discovering cultural influences on foods, handling food safely and preventing disease. 

Funded by a grant from the MetLife Foundation, the program was developed at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health by Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt.

Guam Girl Scouts and the University of Guam College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Cooperative Extension Service, coordinated the program at Agueda Johnston Middle School for 20 sixth and seventh grade girls.