Guam goes digital with launch of Electronic Declaration Form

From left, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio, and Sen. Amanda Shelton during the launch of the Electronic Declaration Form (EDF) at the Guam airport Thursday morning. (PNC photo by Isaiah Aguon)

The Electronic Declaration Form (EDF) was launched at the Guam airport Thursday morning.

The EDF is part of a multi-agency effort to digitize parts of the travel experience so visitors would feel safer coming to Guam.

The Guam Visitors Bureau, the Guam International Airport, and Guam Customs & Quarantine Agency held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the EDF.

In line with the re-opening plan to get our tourism industry up and running again by May, the EDF gives travelers from around the world and local residents a safer traveling experience.

The EDF is a mandatory digital form that all arriving passengers will need to complete before entering Guam.

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It provides a new platform for travelers to access both the required Customs declaration form as well as the current Public Health declaration form.

The fully mobile launch will occur in mid-April to allow travelers to access the form on any WiFi-enabled device.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero was at the ceremony and gave her remarks.

Leon Guerrero said throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, GovGuam agencies have been hard at work by protecting our community and ensuring that Guam’s prepared for the long road.

She says that GVB, Customs, and the airport worked hard to create a safer travel experience.

Leon Guerrero stressed that the EDF is a vital step for the safer re-opening of Guam and the island’s tourism industry.

“This begins with the launch of our Electronic Declaration Form. Yes, Guam is going digital and we are introducing a completely digital arrivals process. The Guam Electronic Declaration Form is a mandatory digital form that will replace existing hard copies of Guam Customs’ mandatory declaration and public health department form,” the governor said.

She thanked all who played a role in getting the EDF up and running as quickly as possible.

“Thank you for your persistence. Thank you for your passion in making this happen,” the governor said.

Meanwhile, GVB Director of Tourism Research Nico Fujikawa says another feature that will be opening up in the coming weeks is a form that can be filled up 3 days prior to arrival on Guam through a link and all you have to do is hold on to your QR code to be processed through.

Fujikawa said the team wants to be strategic and test this new process to see how smooth it is by testing out the forms via the 6 kiosks in the baggage claim area.

The kiosks offer 4 languages — English, Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese.

“This is a really new convenient process for all of us. And we are really proud of this huge undertaking from the partnership with Customs, the airport, Public Health and so many players in what seems like a simple process,” Fujikawa said.