Guam GOP: Adelup staff need to take a pay cut to ‘lead by example’


As the 35th Guam Legislature commences the discussions on the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget for the Government of Guam, and considering the fiscal state of our economy, the Republican Party of Guam is simply asking for Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, her senior staff and all appointed members of her Cabinet to lead by example and take at least a 10% cut in their salaries as our island attempts to overcome an unprecedented economic crisis which will take years to overcome.

Adelup needs to prioritize essential services of this government, which means making sure that rank and file public sector employees who attend to these critical tasks are not impacted by payless paydays. While a 10% salary cut may seem drastic to these politically hired positions, it would still leave them with nearly double what most of our nurses, educators and law enforcement officers earn each year. The savings can go towards ensuring that we DO NOT have a shortage in health care professionals, especially as this public health crisis continues.

We further request that this administration PLEASE cease the hiring and assignment of non-essential employees. Our island is on the brink of going over the fiscal cliff and we simply ask to halt ALL political hiring, especially during this pandemic.

In a media report on Friday, August 7, the island learned that the former Communications Director will be reassigned to the Department of Public Health and Social Services as a Special Projects Coordinator to work on COVID issues. Unless she has experience in healthcare, this is an unjustified and rather insulting act, especially to the competent and hardworking Public Health staff who have been working tirelessly since the beginning of the pandemic for months without her direct involvement, as well as to the people of Guam, where over 35,000 of our Island residents have either been furloughed or are experiencing reduced hours at work.

Not only is this personnel move an unnecessary position, it was also not made available for the public to also apply for.  Governor Leon Leon Guerrero, these practices need to end, and end now.

(Statement from Guam Republican Party)