Guam GOP asks Guam lawmakers to ‘pause’ any action on local war claims bill

Juan Carlos Benitez (PNC file photo)

The Republican Party of Guam is calling for a ‘pause’ on any further efforts to pass a local war reparations bill which the party believes may interfere with Guam delegate Michael San Nicolas’ war claims corrections bill which is currently under consideration in the U.S. Senate after being passed by the House earlier this year.

The Guam GOP has adopted the position argued by Congressman San Nicolas who maintains that passage of Speaker Tina Muna Barnes’ Bill #181-35 “could hinder the timely passage” of H.R. 1365, the San Nicolas measure in Congress.

Guam GOP National Committeeman Juan Carlos Benitez states – “As of our latest communication with the Senate Judiciary Committee, this past Friday October 18, the Senate staff stated that at this point in their Hotline process they have not encountered any opposition for passage of the bill as a unanimous consent.”

The Guam GOP release calls on Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and Congressman San Nicolas “to join the Republican Party of Guam in requesting the 35th Guam Legislature to temporarily pause any action on Bill 181-35 at least until the end of November.”

In response Speaker Tina Muna Barnes issued a statement which says – “I want to thank my Republican colleagues for their concern on this bipartisan issue.  Their information is consistent with my personal timeline for discussions on Bill 181–something I shared with the administration last week. Every day we lose a member of our Greatest generation.  While they have no more time to wait, I believe HR 1365 and Bill 181 can exist in harmony.  Our only goal should be to get claimants paid.  Let’s get it done.”