‘Guam GOP attacks signature legislative achievement of former governor Eddie Calvo’

The administration's Director of Policy Carlo Branch (PNC file photo)

The following statement is from Governor’s Policy Director Carlo Branch in response to the Republican Party of Guam:

“In an unsigned release on GOP stationary, unnamed Republican officials link the former two-term Republican Governor Eddie Calvo and revered late Republican Speaker Tony Unpingco to Hitler, Stalin, and Napoleon.

“In response to the threat to public health and safety from the current surge in COVID-19 cases, on Wednesday, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero invoked the Guahan Emergency Health Powers Act. This act was authored and introduced in 2002 by then-Senator Eddie Baza Calvo and the late Speaker Tony R. Unpingco, both Republicans, and signed into law by then-Governor Carl T. C. Gutierrez, a Democrat.

“The Emergency Health Powers Act, or Public Law 26-173, was co-sponsored by all 15 members of the 26th Guam Legislature. It was a bi-partisan, non-political approach to public health policy specifically written for events such as COVID-19.

“Far from turning a blind eye, Democratic members of the 35th Guam Legislature are actively engaged in policy initiatives to identify, treat, contain, and eradicate COVID—and to restore health, economic, and social well-being to the island so that we can safely open.

“Invoking the names of despotic tyrants in history is a blatant and desperate attempt by nameless leaders in the GOP to scare voters five days before an election. The people of Guam rejected such tactics at the polls two years ago and will do so again next Tuesday.

“Both nationally and locally, the Republican party has been led down a path of self-destruction by radicalized activist acolytes of Donald Trump. The results of this off the rails and sustained backlash to the first African-American President in the history of the United States and first female Governor in the history of Guam is what’s truly dangerous to democracy.

“We implore remaining responsible local Republicans to reclaim their party. They can begin by proffering sound policy ideas instead of hyperbolic invective and to do so in the spirit and name of men and women such as Carlos Camacho, Frank Blas Sr., Joseph Ada, Chong Barrett, Ben Blaz, Joseph Flores, Frank Perez, and Cynthia Torres instead of Hitler, Stalin, and Napoleon.”

(Adelup News Release)