Guam GOP backs humanitarian support for USS Roosevelt sailors


The Republican Party of Guam issued the following statement with regard to helping the USS Theodore Roosevelt sailors who tested positive for COVD-19:

“As the story of the many sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt who have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus makes its global presence, this is an issue that hits close to home.

The Republican Party of Guam stands firm in requesting that Rear Admiral John Menoni, and Governor Lourdes Leon Guerrero, work collectively in seeking humanitarian efforts for these soldiers outside of the gate.

This would include working with our hotel industry in seeking a more isolated facility, such as the Leo Palace Guam, to provide a secure area conducive to recovery for these men and women.

It is paramount that they be provided decent accommodations that are safe and protected, not in gymnasiums or open bay areas.

We have sons and daughters of Guam who serve on this carrier, many more who call Guam home and their brothers and sisters in uniform; they too, are members of our Guam family. In the spirit of hospitality and of inafa mao’lek, which is something driven deep into our cultural values, providing anything less would be travesty.

Contrary to the many sentiments of concern and undue alarm, we are optimistic that any quarantine facility will be predicated on strict policies, and that there will be no risks in these actions for our community at large. Likewise, when these soldiers are recovered and the carrier is mobilized, they will be mission ready to protect our region and nation. We must assist in any way we can in their speedy recovery and move away from the “us” versus “them” mentality, as this crisis has created one more common global enemy, and only collectively will we win this war.

For this reason, we encourage this patronage, and thank the affected sailors and marines for their service.”