Guam GOP decries ‘other’ designation for Guam in SBA program


After four years of assuring that Guam and other territories had a seat on the table when it came to recognition as being a part of the United States of America, the Republican Party of Guam shares its disappointment in the Biden administration for taking several steps backward and placing the territories in the back of the bus.

It was recently learned that the Small Business Association (SBA) under the Biden administration has identified Guam and the territories as “OTHER” in their Shutter Venue Operator Grant (SVOG) Program.

This is not only disappointing, but also genuinely concerning, as many eligible local businesses may not realize that they qualify for these grants, or that applications from Guam may not be treated with the same fairness as those from the 50 states.

Here is the link to the SVOG website:

Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Application

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The SVOG provides relief grants to venue businesses such as movie theaters, those supporting the performing arts, aquariums, and basically entities who put on live performances and were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Republican Party of Guam encourages local businesses who may be eligible to apply, to not let this unfairness hold you back, as over $16 billion has been provided to this program.

Under the Trump administration, Guam and other territories were provided the decency of being recognized by their name, and not by a vague term. Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has touted on more than one occasion the relationship she has with the Democratic administration in the White House; thus, we are asking her & other party officials to reach out to their contacts in the nation’s capital to fix this prejudice. Many businesses need the support.

(Guam GOP Release)


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