Guam GOP hits ‘weaponization’ of legislative resolution that attacks military buildup


The 36th Guam Legislature recently entertained Resolution 55-36 which on the surface is explained as a position to affirmatively support the rights of every human being in being provided safe drinking water. The measure further states that this was in correlation with the observance of World Water Day 2021.

However, as the resolution is further reviewed, it is determined that it is instead a stance that opposes the ongoing US Marine Relocation and Construction Projects, particularly the Live Fire Training Range Complex.

The Republican Party of Guam stands in support of the belief that every human being deserves the right to safe drinking water, however, opposes Resolution 55-36, which has proven to be misleading, and clearly with ulterior motives.

Unfortunately, Resolution 55-36, as amended, clearly serves to accomplish the objectives of those in the community who are against the military buildup altogether. If this is the case, the measure should concisely indicate its purpose, remove any fluff associated with caring about World Water Day 2021, and the resolution should be sent back to the appropriate committee in the Guam Legislature for further deliberations and public sentiments. ANYTHING LESS IS DECEIVING.

The Guam GOP commends Minority Leader Chris Duenas in his attempts to do what was right, which was 1). to call the resolution for what it was, and 2). to send the document back to committee and appreciates the efforts of those Republican lawmakers who supported his motion to fix the wrong. Unfortunately, the motion failed.

The Republican Party of Guam has and continues to stand, in favor of a responsible approach towards the military buildup. It should not be an “us versus them” method, rather it should be a partnership, one which has mutual benefits in all aspects. The party will continue to support the engagement of healthy and cohesive discussions which should help spur economic activity for the island while assuring that ancient artifacts, indigenous trees, and ancestral remains continue to be protected, preserved, and respectfully handed over. Weaponization

Resolution 55-36 enhances the concerns of contamination efforts by the military in areas inside of the fence, inclusive of subliminal mentions of the “degradation of our resources” yet makes no statement of what takes place on the civilian side of the fence.

Our island continues to face littering issues, environmental concerns, and contamination problems, and these are not associated with the military buildup. Will government officials be addressing these issues as well? Will the Guam Environmental Protection Agency, which is primarily funded by the federal government, be obtaining additional financial support by the local government? Or will the legislature continue to blame all our issues on the military?

The measure also makes no mention of mandating clean drinking water from infrastructure outside of the fence, because Resolution 55-36 is NOT about the rights of our people in being provided clean drinking water or sanitation, or about supporting the objectives of World Water Day 2021, but rather it is about anti-military buildup sentiments. One can call this resolution whatever they want, the Republican Party of Guam calls it misleading.

(Republican Party of Guam release)


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