Guam GOP: No legislation needed to help those who did not qualify for stimulus


The 35th Guam Legislature is in session today to discuss a couple of bills introduced by Senator Amanda Shelton, which would use federal monies (namely the CARES Act) to provide hundreds of families who did not qualify for the federal stimulus, a relief aid of $500.

But while the objective is virtuous, the Republican Party of Guam says no legislation is needed to spend federal monies.

The GOP said Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero can simply sign an executive order and start cutting the checks.

“She did this previously with the Prugråman Salåppe’ Ayudon I Taotao where $300 checks were mailed out to families within a certain income level, and she could have done this in June, when Senator Shelton first introduced this legislation. Basically, today’s session is merely reality television, which our community is being forced to watch,” the GOP said in a statement.

The GOP added that the qualified families have had to wait for more than two months (and counting) to receive their money.

“This was a gift from Adelup, since Senator Shelton voted not to support a measure which would mandate that the Governor be more transparent with how she spends taxpayer dollars. We are living in a period of uncertainties and thousands of families are suffering currently. They do not deserve to be held hostage because of political patronage and dirty politics. Rather they need to be treated with dignity,” the Republican Party said.