Guam GOP: ‘People need access to their money’


The Republican Party of Guam issued the following statement with regard to the restrictions on banks and financial institutions brought on by the stricter provisions of PCOR-1:

“While we recognize the concerns island residents are facing today knowing that the government HAS NOT done a great job in managing this pandemic, what is frustrating is that among the most needed critical services, the Governor’s Executive Order (E.O.) stipulates that financial institutions shall be closed for a week. It is bad enough that this new E.O. will further hurt our economy, but now the Governor wants to prevent island residents from cashing their checks at banks next week.

“In discussions with financial institutions, one will learn that a good percentage of our community does not have a bank account, and thus cashing a check is a critical service for many families. When asked how island residents can cash their checks, the Governor stated that they can go to grocery stores.

“This off-the-cuff reply contradicts her very own Executive Order for everyone to stay home and yet creates an impossible scenario for residents who have no recourse but to access their funds by going to a grocery store. Not to mention the unfair and unnecessary burden she creates with that statement for grocery stores to now provide financial services such as payroll check cashing as well as placing the health and safety of residents and store employees in potential jeopardy by increasing the volume of people going to grocery stores just to cash their payroll checks.

“It does not take much to realize that once the banks reopen that the lines will be MUCH longer as more residents will be cashing their checks and conducting other transactions, thus our people will once again be forced to stand for hours. The Governor fails to accept that a great majority of island residents live paycheck to paycheck, and unlike her, need to cash their checks in a timely manner.

“What is the Democratic Majority in the Guam Legislature going to do about this? They have not said anything and are more focused on rushing a rubber-stamped budget bill so they can guarantee their paychecks after September 1, 2020.”