Guam GOP: ‘Progressive Democrats prepared to kill our economy’


The Republican Party of Guam issued the following release late Sunday night:

Recently the Progressive Democrats of Guam (PDG) released a questionnaire for candidates seeking a seat in the 36th Guam Legislature. Unlike the Democrat Party of Guam, The Republican Party of Guam does not control the actions of our candidates, and encourages all Senatorial Candidates to make their own decisions on whether they would like to participate in this or any other survey being submitted by various organizations on the island.

As for the PDG, it is unfortunate that at a time when our economy is in a complete panic and over 35,000 island residents are out of jobs, that these Democrats are advocating for new taxes and costs for small businesses. Here is a simple business theory for this group of progressives who apparently have never managed a business operation: GOVERNMENTS AROUND THE WORLD ARE PROVIDING INCENTIVES TO RESUSCITATE DYING ECONOMIES, BECAUSE THEY WANT TO REVIVE BUSINESSES AND NOT CHASE THEM AWAY OR WORSE, CLOSE THEM DOWN PERMANENTLY.

It is simple, when you create a business-friendly environment, you allow entities to prosper, which means more jobs and a consistent tax base.  What these Democrats do not realize is that a great majority of our businesses are small businesses.  They are your uncles and aunties, your neighbors and friends, and a great majority are proud contributors of the community. Why do the Progressive Democrats of Guam want to shut them down permanently with their outrageous ideas?

These Democrats are scaring Government of Guam employees with a conspiracy theory that reducing the Business Privilege Tax (BPT) will result in their job losses. What they fail to share is that because the BPT was increased, the government experienced a surplus in FY 2019. They also do not want to tell you that the only things which will be impacted by reducing the BPT will be jobs and contracts for the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration’s political supporters.

The Progressive Democrats of Guam are led by several political hires in the government of Guam, with ideas which will set our economy back further, while increasing our unemployment numbers. The people of Guam should take a serious look at which candidates are endorsed by this organization and ask themselves if they should vote for individuals who want to close down more businesses on the island.

(News Release from the Republican Party of Guam)