Guam GOP says minority voice not heard in emergency session agenda


The Republican Party of Guam is appalled that the majority senators of the 35th
Guam Legislature failed in their fiduciary responsibility in placing priority measures on the agenda of today’s emergency session and instead have focused on bills that would not only take away civil liberties but also incarcerate residents if you violated one of the provisions of the Governor’s Executive Order.

What is shocking is that no measures to aid the struggling private sector were added to the agenda, or to expedite tax refunds.

While we appreciate efforts to recognize frontliners and first responders and reassure our students they will not be penalized for the outcome of this school year, what we have failed to see on the legislative session agenda are measures to lower taxes to help private entities maintain employees. We have not seen proposals to reduce the cost of vital commodities such as medication or fuel.

What is further disappointing is that the session agenda was established quietly and approved by the Majority, without the input of the Minority senators. Where are the bi-partisan efforts that make democracy effective?

In the time of a crisis, there is no time to play political games. The people are hurting, so let’s help them.

(Republican Party of Guam press release)