Guam Green Growth conservation corps members meet with island mayors

Members of the Guam Green Growth Initiative conservation corps speak during the Mayors Council meeting this week. (PNC photo)

Members of the Guam Green Growth Initiative conservation corps met with the island’s mayors recently to ask for their help in moving their sustainability initiatives forward.

The Guam Green Growth Initiative is a public-private partnership that develops tangible solutions to sustainability challenges and contributes to a green economy for the island region.

PNC previously reported that Guam Green Growth has the largest comprehensive public-private partnership ever created in order to achieve a more sustainable future for Guam.

Guam Green Growth has just launched its conservation corps, which is a program that prepares the community for the emerging green economy. The conservation cors consists of 12 members.

In an interview with PNC, Dr. Austin Shelton, the head of UOG’s Center for Island Sustainabiity, said that the conservation corps members learn about agriculture, aquaculture, removal of invasive species, energy sufficiency, and reforestation. Conservation corps members are expected to bring the new skills that they learned  to whichever industry they will be working for following the program.

Ed Dali, one of the supervisors of the Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps had this to say at the Mayors Council meeting held earlier this week with regard to the help that they have been receiving from the mayors of Guam.

“We couldn’t make it this far, without the support from you guys with providing trailers, refreshments, safer roads and really just showing that there is a partnership with the University and of course your council, your staff to help us achieve sustainable Guam…we’ll be doing island beautification projects, invasive species removal, agriculture and aquaculture, and forestry efforts and these are all going to take place in your villages,” Dali said.

Conservation Corps member Joey Certeza continued to ask for further assistance and support to help prolong the program and to help with their mission.

“We only got 5 months but I think we need more support than just 5 months. We need years and years of more work just like this program. And it can only be successful if you Mayors take part in this program as well. Envision the future where each of the villages can have a conservation member within your staff. And we can take the initiative to assist you, and assist our village,” he said.

The Conservation Corps conducts village clean-up projects every Friday. You can visit their website at for more information.