Guam Guard addresses allegations of quarantine bypass

Captain Mark Scott, the public affairs officer of the Guam National Guard. (PNC photo)

An anonymous email sent to local media appears to show a high-ranking National Guard member bypassing quarantine.

Guam National Guard spokesperson Captain Mark Scott addressed the matter Friday morning.

Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo asked Scott if there are any circumstances under which a National Guard member would be allowed to bypass quarantine.

“No. There is no circumstance…this isn’t just for the National Guard, this is for critical service workers who applied with Public Health to be deemed critical service workers. Once you are deemed and still don’t bypass quarantine,” Scott said.

Scott did say that people who are considered critical personnel are allowed to quarantine at home.

But the only places they’re allowed to travel are between their home and work.

The restriction on movement for critical workers is court-ordered.

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If critical workers violate their restriction on movement, they can be held criminally liable.

Scott said that it could be the case that the Guard member in question is simply a critical worker who went into home quarantine.

But if not, Scott said that people making exceptions for Guard members — either because they’re friendly with key personnel or because of rank — won’t be tolerated.

“It better not be done. And I know personally from working with the TAG, that that is not good to go. That is not a thing. And whoever wrote that anonymous email, I invite you to please tell me all about it at In fact, if anyone out there sees these things that are getting done that are not the right thing to do, we want to know, so we can fix it. It’s important to us. Because we’re stewards of the military. We’re stewards of our island. We’re out here trying to do good things, not wrong things,” Scott said.