Guam Guard Brigadier General Johnny Lizama retires early; last general remaining besides TAG

Brigadier General Johnny Lizama. Photo courtesy of the Guam National Guard.

Guam National Guard Brigadier General Johnny Lizama has retired early from his position. Lizama is the last remaining General in the Guard, besides The Adjutant General, Esther Aguigui (TAG).

Lizama tells PNC News that he had been planning to retire in June 2021 however, through discussions with his wife, he decided to request the early retirement this past weekend. He says his family obligations are becoming greater.

Lizama says typically there’s a 90-day runway for processing so he expects to still be on the job in some capacity into early next year.

According to his profile on the Guam Guard website, General Lizama is the Assistant Adjutant General and also serves as the Commander, Guam Air National Guard. He is also responsible for the strategic administration, coordination, planning, and development of Guam Air National Guard policies and programs to ensure mission readiness in units that serve local communities, State, and Nation, for both homeland defense and federal missions.

In his retirement statement, Lizama said, “it’s an incredible honor to have been able to give 43 years of service to our Island and Nation.

Thank you to all the hardworking and dedicated professionals with whom I’ve the honor of serving. All the sacrifices they’ve made, along with their families, is the reason the Guam National Guard has grown to become the world-class organization it is today.”

Lizama says he’s finally taking off his uniform because he’d like to spend more time being a grandfather and  connecting with the community.

“Knowing the Guard is in such good hands, it is now time for me to focus on my own family. I look forward to spending time with my wife, children and grandchildren, devoting time to our church, teaching confirmation with my wife, and mentoring our youth.

My family has supported me all these years, and the time has finally come for me to enjoy their presence as well. Thank you again to the Airmen and Soldiers, and to the leadership of our Island and the Guam National Guard. It has been the honor of a lifetime.”

The TAG, in a separate statement, thanked Brig. Gen. Lizama for his service, saying, “thank you General, for your faithful service of 43 years. Your countless contributions to this organization will leave a lasting impact, and your legacy will live on in those of us who follow your example. Congratulations and God Bless you and your family on your well-earned retirement, and may you reap all the enjoyment of each other’s time that you deserve.”