Guam Guard Cleans Up Island After Typhoon Dolphin


GUNG Soldiers and Airmen continue typhoon recovery efforts

Guam – Soldiers and Airmen from the Guam National Guard continued recovery efforts, in the wake of Typhoon Dolphin, by conducting clean-ups and debris removal along Army Drive (Route 16), in Barrigada, and the Guam Veterans Cemetery, in Piti, early this morning.

Guam Guard Soldiers picked up trash, debris and green waste along both sides of Army Drive, from the tri-intersection of Routes 8, 10, and 16 in Barrigada, to the Micronesia Mall, while Guam Guard Airmen picked up trash, debris and green waste along the fenceline and within the Veterans Cemetery, along Route 1, Marine Corps Drive, and Route 6, Nimitz Hill, in Piti.

 “As Soldiers and Airmen in the Guam National Guard, we are all part of the community and wanted to do our part to get the island back to normal as well as make a difference in beautifying our island,” said Brig. Gen. Roderick Leon Guerrero, The Adjutant General of the Guam National Guard.