Guam Guard Embedded Training Team 4 Comes Home from Afghanistan


Guam – Members of the Guam Army National Guard’s Embedded Training Team 4 are scheduled to return home to Guam at the end of this week.
The team deployed to Afghanistan as part of the 86th Brigade Combat Team of the Vermont Army National Guard. They left Guam almost a year ago to begin their mobilization training at Camp Atterbury, IN and subsequent deployment to Afghanistan.

Team Chief Lieutenant Colonel Nicanor Legaspi and Team First Sergeant Benjamin Tajalle will be arriving with the main group. A few members of the 16-man team are expected to arrive earlier, flying in over the next few days.

The team’s mission in Afghanistan was to support the 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team which providing embedded training teams and security forces to mentor the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police units, as well as provided organic security forces to the 86th IN BDE.

ETT4 was the first of three units from the Guam Army National Guard that mobilized and deployed in support of the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO, formerly called the Global War on Terror or GWOT) and Operation Enduring Freedom during the fiscal year 2010.

The Guam National Guard had about 200 Soldiers and Airmen deployed in theater in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom during this past year. Approximately half of those Soldiers and Airmen have already redeployed.