Guam Guard Member Accused of 4th Degree CSC Involving Fellow Guard Member


Guam – Guam Guard member Robert N. Castro has been charged with Misdemeanor 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct and Misdemeanor Harassment involving allegations made by a fellow Guard member.

Castro was Magistrated Saturday in Superior Court.

According to the magistrate report, the incident in question occurred on January 23 at the Guam Guard Readiness Center. The victim told Police that she and Castro were by themselves, late at night at the Readiness Center when, she  alleges, Castro said to her “We better leave now because I may want to do something to you.”  As they left, the victim says Castro pushed her up against the wall and began kissing and fondling her. She told him to stop and eventually pushed him away.

READ the Magistrate report HERE [3rd one down]

The victim told police that she brought the incident to the attention of her command back in January which, she said, resulted in Castro being “verbal counseled.”  She raised the issue again with her command and now “there is currently an investigation in review,” states the Magistrate report.