Guam Guard sets up COVID-19 vaccination clinic at UOG

Captain Mark Scott, the public affairs officer of the Guam National Guard. (PNC photo)

The Guam National Guard in partnership with the office of the Governor and the Department of Public Health and Social Services took the initiative in setting up a vaccination clinic based at the University of Guam.

The clinic began yesterday and is set to continue thru this Saturday, January 30th from 2-8 pm.

Captain Mark Scott, the public affairs officer of the Guam National Guard, thanked the people of Guam for doing their part in lowering the COVID Area Risk Score (or CAR score) because it enables the Guard’s medical healthcare personnel to come out of the hospitals and clinics that needed the help at the time to finally be free and come vaccinate our community.

In an interview with PNC, Captain Scott elaborates on the clinic’s initiative.

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“So that’s why we are calling it Operation Liberate Guam. Our goal and also the governor’s goal is to get 80% herd immunity through vaccines on or before July 21, 2021, because as you know, it’s Guam’s Liberation day. So together, joining forces with Public Health and other island clinics, we are supporting the cause and fighting the fight to free us from the deadly invasion of this coronavirus that is restricting our freedom too, in our way of fighting and bringing back our liberation,” Scott said.

He added that the clinic has been running smoothly and about 400 people got vaccinated yesterday.

Meanwhile, Leinani, a Sinajana resident, got her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and says, it was completely painless.

“It was very quick and efficient coming through and getting the shot,” she said.

Dededo resident Diana Cruz ays she got vaccinated because she is an essential worker and wants to do her part in protecting herself and her family and end this pandemic.

“I was nervous at first but I am now more at ease because I am always working and grocery shopping, so now I feel a little better and safer,” she said.

To date, 20,900 people on the island have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The clinic is free and open to Phase 1C, individuals 60 years and older. To sign up today, schedule an appointment via Eventbrite and bring a photo ID.