Guam Guard tasked with supporting emergency food distribution Friday


The Guam National Guard will be supporting the Department of Education’s emergency food distribution on Friday.

The added manpower comes after Wednesday’s massive turnout for food packages. People had been lining up since early morning hours and by 5a.m. Wednesday, the line had reached its capacity for the 2,000 bags that were available, and vehicles were turned away.

The Guard’s Adjutant General, Esther Aguigui, told K57’s Patti Arroyo Thursday morning, the Guard had been “leaning forward” and offering their support in the past few weeks. Now, Adelup has called on them for added support in this particular mission.

Major General Aguigui says logistics is the word for Friday, and Guard members will be working on traffic, loading food in trunks, and making sure things go smoothly.

She also said Guards personnel are available to help with packing the actual food bags Thursday, if needed.

GDOE’s Superintendent, Jon Fernandez, had told K57 that there is enough food and supplies to go around but the issue is the lack of people to package the items.

There’s still no final count on how many Guardsmen (and women) will specifically be at each site.

Friday’s food distribution will be at the Tiyan Baseball Field and the Dededo Farmer’s Market; officials had said they’re also trying to secure a third location in the south.