Guam Guard to train at port; no impediments to traffic

The Guam Guard will be training at the Port road area. (PNC file photo)

Students of the Guam National Guard’s ongoing Advanced Leaders Course will be conducting training exercises near the Port Authority of Guam from April 27-28.

While there will be no impediments to traffic near Port Beach along Route 18, residents are asked to use discretion if they see or hear uniformed service members training in the area. Training effects may include the use of blank ammunition and “flash-bang” simulators.

Port General Manager Rory J. Respicio said this training is critical to the success of our Guam National Guard and the security of our island and region. “We are proud to be a partner with our Guam National Guard and we look forward to more opportunities to assist with efforts to defend our island and our nation,” Respicio said.

On behalf of the command team of the Guam National Guard, we thank the Port Authority for their partnership and support of our ongoing readiness requirements. And as always, thank you to the people of Guam for your continued support.

(Guam Guard Release)


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