Guam Guardsman Pleads Guilty to Housing Allowance Fraud


Man Faces 5 Years

Guam – A Guam Guardsman has pleaded guilty for making fraudulent housing cost claims for federal housing allowance.



According to filings in the District Court of Guam Matthew F. Untalan stole over $36 thousand dollars in federal housing allowances for faking a lease agreement with his sister. Untalan pleaded guilty to falsely claiming that he was paying $2,400 dollars a month in rent to his sister for a residence in Mongmong. Untalan did this over a period of a few years from September 1st of 2009 to March 31st of 2012. Untalan faces a maximum of five years in prison.  


  1. I’ll bet my life savings that this guy gets probation and zero time behind bars. A precedent has already been set by the other dishonest guardsmen who did the same thing and were let off with a slap on the wrist. If we’re serious about putting an end to this type of criminal behavior, then make it a mandatory sentence of 1-5 years depending on the amount stolen with no chance for a suspended sentence.

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