Guam Gymnasts Bring Home 6 Gold Medals


Kailua, Hawaii- Guam’s Gymnastics Team just returned from the 37th Annual ALOHA GYMFEST meet that was held in Kailua, Hawaii.  The competition took place on January 18th – 20th, with gymnastics Levels 4 – 10.

Island Twisters took 5 gymnasts to the competition ranging from Level 5 through Level 7 in difficulty.  “Level 5” gymnasts were Abriel Slater, Ilaria Williams-Duenas and Reina White.  “Level 6” gymnast was Olivia Ferguson and “Level 7” gymnast was Aisha Tangi.

All gymnasts placed either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the All-Around scores of the competition!  High-lights of the event was Aisha Tangi placing 1st on Beam with a score of 9.70…which is the highest score that any Guam gymnast has achieved in an international meet.  Also, Ilaria Williams-Duenas receiving 1st place on three events and also 1st for All-Around was very exciting.

Guam brought home a total of 6 gold medals, 6 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals.

[Photo: Aisha Tangi places 1st on Beam with a 9.70 score]

Results are listed below:

Abriel Slater (9yrs. old division, Level 5) – 2nd All-Around: 35.850, (3rd Vault: 8.55, 2nd Bars: 9.0, 1st Beam: 9.40, 4th Floor: 8.90)

Ilaria Williams-Duenas (10-11yrs. old division, Level 5) – 1st All-Around: 37.475, (2nd Vault: 9.15, 1st Bars: 9.25, 1st Beam: 9.60, 1st Floor 9.475)

Reina White (10-11yrs. old division, Level 5) – 3rd All-Around: 35.725, (4th Vault: 9.10, 6th Bars: 8.30, 2nd Beam 9.375, 4th Floor 8.95)

Olivia Ferguson (14yrs. old division, Level 6) – 2nd All-Around: 34.475, (5th Vault: 9.0, 6th on Bars: 8.1 & Floor: 8.575, 7th Beam: 8.80)

Aisha Tangi (14+ yrs. old division, Level 7) – 2nd All-Around: 36.850, (5th Vault: 9.25, 3rd Bars: 8.90, 1st Beam: 9.70, 8th Floor: 9.00)

Island Twisters Gymnastics and Guam is finally now on the map of International Gymnastics and representing Guam proudly.

Article from a press release.