Guam has conducted 300,000 COVID-19 tests since the start of the pandemic

DPHSS COVID operation. (PNC file photo)

Guam has cumulatively conducted 300,000 tests since the start of the pandemic, the latest DPHSS COVID-19 surveillance update reported.

In addition, the Public Health report states that the test positivity continues to fall to 2.5% of all tests.

“Cases have fallen to less than 20 per day on average and the CAR Score is now less than 1. In the past thirty days, there has been an exponential decrease in cases,” territorial epidemiologist Anne Pobutsky said during Thursday’s DPHSS media briefing.

In addition, Pobutsky said all age groups are showing decreases and convergence.

Moreover, Pobutsky said case rates among the unvaccinated are close to 3 times higher than among the vaccinated.

According to the report, all COVID-19 related deaths in the past three weeks were among unvaccinated people (n=11).

In 2021 only 15% of 140 deaths occurred among those who were fully vaccinated (n=21).